Business + Leisure Hotel

B + L Hotel

About the project

One of the most designated luxury hotels in Hyderabad, B+L Hotel partnered with us with the main objective to stand out among competitors and establish a strong customer base in Hyderabad. Being a luxury service business, B+L had to work on ideas that are attractive and actionable.

The marketing was focused mainly on digital platforms and offline marketing. Digital marketing focused mainly on creating the right content for the right audience and posting it over Social Media platforms. Offline marketing focused mainly on designing posters, handouts, brochures, hoardings and billboards.

With detailed research and careful planning, the marketing was carried out successfully that widened the reach of the brand name and attracted customers. Apart from regular posts, there were also regular in-hotel activities posted as stories over Social Media platforms. On special occasions like Festivals and National events, Social Media Campaigns were created and posted over online platforms. We also created posts for showcasing the luxury side of the Hotel and further featuring the amenities and other services.