Tetramind, one of the fastest emerging marketing services companies, offers a broad portfolio of powerful services and innovative solutions that continue to catalyse the transformation of businesses worldwide.

We Are Tetramind®

We started out with a simple notion, Make Brands More Human. We bridge the gap between brands and the people, and help the brands talk more human. Over the years, we've transformed ourselves and are continuously innovating to build new services and capabilities that help us deliver amazing solutions for our clients.


We create bold strategies, grounded with creative ideas. Add to that an obsession to do great work and you have a winning formula.

At its heart, Tetramind® is a strategic storyteller, helping clients communicate their message effectively. We are obsessed with doing Big Things Beautifully and Small Things Brilliantly.


From local to international, new to established,
our clients all have one thing in common -
they think differently.


Our creativity
defines us,
connects us
and sets us apart.

Follow the herd? We'd rather grab the bull by the horns. We believe that to provide great service you need diverse personality, which is why our team is packed with strategists, bikers, publishers, musicians, designers, developers, storytellers, foodies, photographers, and analysts. None of us are as smart as all of us.

Our Aim is to 'Win hearts with our campaigns, Blow minds with our ideas and Change lives through our clients'.

Meet the founder & team

Abhishek Maharaju

Founder & Managing Partner

An Engineer by qualification and an Entrepreneur by profession, Abhishek Maharaju's ever-present entrepreneurial itch led him into moving on from a secure and well paying corporate profile and take up an opportunity in the field of advertising. In 2009 he
co-founded an advertising firm, which ranked among the top advertising agencies in Hyderabad.

A few years later he independently started an agency by the name Tetramind®, which is considered one of the foremost players in the field of Digital Advertising, not only in Hyderabad but across the country. Tetramind® is also one of the select few Google Partner Agencies in India. Under his able leadership, Tetramind® has achieved much success today with mandates across the country as well as internationally and is consistently ranked as one of the top agencies.

Over the years, Abhishek has ventured into different sectors, from retail to medical to art. His passion for motorcycles has seen him launch a dealership of the legendary Royal Enfield Motorcycles in Hyderabad, called Dark Matter Motorcycles.

An entrepreneur at heart, biker by passion and visionary at soul, Abhishek Maharaju has expanded the limits of an Advertising agency.


Art Director


Senior Graphic Designer


Senior Graphic Designer


Key Account Manager


Digital Strategist


Senior Web Developer


Senior Graphic Designer


Web Developer



Humble Beginning
2009 was a big year. Obama became the president of United States, the film Slumdog Millionaire won the Academy Awards, Twitter reached 100 million users and the world mourned the death of Michael Jackson. But away in a distant corner, Tetramind® was born.
Gradual Growth
As an Outdoor Advertising Agency, we started where we were, used what we had and did what we could. We ventured into Web Development and Print Media services and allowed ourselves time to grow.
Reaching Out
With a fast-growing staff and even faster growing list of clients, we knew it was time to increase our reach; and we did, by expanding to Mumbai and Bangalore. We set up our first exhibition stall and also entered into Branding and Packaging Design.
Well Deserved Recognition
Were we destined to succeed? We aren't sure about that, but we were determined to succeed. Our efforts were recognized as we won the AP Interior Design Award in Public Spaces Category at the Institute of Indian Interior Designers. Add to the fact that we started our services in Mobile App Development segment, it was a pretty good year for us.
Entering a 3D World
We embarked towards a new era in advertising as we launched 3D Holography Services. It was installed in all major airports across the country. We were increasing our pool of services as well as our portfolio of clients.
Holding the Digital Aces
Who doesn't love a challenge? We took one up and entered Digital Advertising and Social Media Management, things were never the same again. We grew at an incredible pace and soon enough held all the aces in this sector.
Launch of Corporate Videos
This year saw us doing our first corporate video for one of our clients. We focused on one thing at a time, but success came to us in succession, as we made ten more corporate videos this year.
Pushing Boundaries
We realized it was time for us to step up and push boundaries of what can be achieved. So, we did, we pushed the geographical boundaries and expanded globally. With virtual offices in United Kingdom, South Africa and Dubai, we were on our journey towards our dreams.
Hunger for More
We might not have reached our goal yet, but we are closer than we were yesterday. We were continuously adapting, evolving and competing. We acquired huge clients while providing the best services to our existing clients. Was this our golden year? It was. Did we stop here? We didn't. Our thirst for doing more is unquenchable.